Monday, August 8, 2011

Etsy Finds of the Day

$155 Navy A Line Charlie dress
Sailor-y and vintage cut. Flattering and pretty.

$825 Floasta coffee table
I like the minimalistic feel of this table and how even the most boring and functional pieces of furniture can be art. This table also serves as a sobriety test because if you don't put your drink down correctly, it's all over the floor.

$31 Reflection photograph
At first I thought this was an abstract print of feathers or an extreme close-up of dustbunnies, but no, it's a very nice black and white photo of grasses reflected in the water in the Netherlands. It's about 6.5"x10"

$295 Knotback Maillot
She's bringing sexy back, ON HER BACK! Get it?!I think strappy things are exciting and hot.
Warning: This might be one of those things, though, where you either a) can't get into it because where the %^#$ are the armholes? Is that the neck or the middle-back-knot-thing? or b) spend your whole morning looking at your back fat and wondering why the strings don't cut into the models' sides like they do yours.

$10 Pyrite faceted beads
Looks like you don't get this whole string, though that would be awesome, but the 10 briolettes (pear or oval gems cut with long facets) you do get are more than enough to make an awesome necklace. Just put them on some string with knots or crimp beads in between them so they are spaced out a little, and voila, you are a jewelry designer.

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