Monday, August 1, 2011

ASOS final sale items

There are a bunch of cute things in ASOS's final sale clearance bin.
Check it out:

$34.48 Cowl neck linen pencil dress
Perfect for the office, a fancy brunch, or a night out. Plus the color is killer.

$43.10 Dog print dress
Another dress that works for the office (check the length though first). Loose and breezy for summer sweatiness.

$46.55 Warehouse trailing flowers blouse
The tie-neck and loose shape make this very romantic.

$37.93 Rare color block pleat dress
The peter pan color and pink are sweet but not too girly.

$36.20 Stork print playsuit
I love prints with weird animals on them, and these colors are soft and neutral.

$31.03 High waisted tab front pants
These come in a bunch of colors and are great for when you don't want to look too boring at work.
Also comes in navy, medium brown, and mustard.
$51.72 Leather satchel
This would be great as a women's or men's bag

$24.13 Waterfall blouse
So many ruffles, so little time. Also comes in sheer cream.

$34.48 River Island blouse with pockets
I have a green shirt that looks a lot like this that I wear all the time. The silkiness and plain design let you wear fun stuff on the bottom.
$31.03 Marvel Soft suede lace ups
Don't step on my blue suede shoes

$20.69 Reclaimed vintage army shirt
You and what army?
$24.13 Suede center seam pointed shoes
Your feet look like elephants, and you know what that means.

$27.58 Boat shoes
Could you get any preppier? Flip that collar, boy.

$29.31 River Island check shirt
I like the stripe effect on the placket.

$36.20 Suede brogues
Good proportions
$36.20 Hold-all bag with pockets
This has a classic, Filson look.

$43.10 Puma Urban mobility jacket
Basic, black, hooded. Staple.

$48.27 French Connection 5 pocket jeans
Sometimes you get sick of all the colors and the selvedge and the raw and the unwashed and the skinny, and you just want to see a guy in some nice, normal jeans.
$51.32 Linen Leather cutout derby shoe
I hear some guys complain that women get to have all the fun with weird clothes. These are the answer to that.

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