Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What to Buy from the Urban Outfitters Sale (APARTMENT)

$499 Belmont Storage Sleeper Sofa
There is storage under the seats and the back folds down. Also comes in an odd blue color.

$29.99 Mathane Studios bike banner

$59.99 each Beaded zigzag curtain
Beading makes these hard to wash but seriously no one ever really washes their curtains anyway.

$29.99 White Rabbit Curtain
Good for a room with a single window

$74.99 Owl Medallion Quilt
It's poly and not cotton, so I wouldn't have it for your regular bed quilt, but maybe as an extra blanket?

$39.99 Round pintuck floor pillow
More seating, immediately.

$24.99 Atlas wrapped thermos
Quaint and pretty and keeps your coffee hot or your gazpacho cold.

$4.99 Sparrow cutout hook
I don't need more hooks, but now I wish I did.

$7.99 Over the door bird hook
Now this is the kind of hook everyone (even me) can use.

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