Friday, August 26, 2011

Making Disposables Permanent

I've noticed (and liked) the recent trend of recreating familiar disposable items in more solid and reusable materials.
Here are some that I think are clever and cute:

$11 We are happy to serve you ceramic cup
The iconic NYC to-go cup is dying out in real life, so you should get one of these more durable ones.

$30 Glass water bottle
All the gripping power of the plastic bottle but none of the chemicals that won't break down in the lanfill for tens of thousands of years.

$169 Rosenthal white ceramic bag vase
Those crumples are very realistic

$20 Fred and Friends glass baggie bowl
If you prefer zip locks....

$11.68 Fred and friends Half Pint creamer
You can't really improve on the built-in spout of a milk container.

$6.55 Smart Planet Double Wall Travel coffee cup
This one has a reusable and resealable silicone lid and sleeve.

$25 Fabric paper bag
A cloth lunch bag that looks like a disposable one.

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