Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dance Shoes Made for You

At, you can get a huge variety of heels made to your specifications. You can enter the size, heel height, color, and material that you want, and they will make you shoes for only $59!

You can get narrow high heels or low wide heels if you want something more stable.
Dance shoes are built to be comfortable and take a lot of impact, so I think they would be great for non-professional dancers as well.
The best part is that you can get any shoe in tap heels, which makes it all more fun. I've never had tap shoes or taken dance, but I would like to have some tap shoes around just to make really loud clickies when I walk.
(Thank you to Jan who pointed me towards this site.)
$59 Type 107 Ballroom shoe
I love how these combine the front of a comfortable ballet flat that is soft on top and will never hurt your foot with the back of a heel. I want these in the 3.5" Black Patent.

 $59 Type 138 ballroom shoe

$59 Type 139 ballroom shoe
I think either of these would make a beautiful bridal shoe in white satin.

$59 Type 135 ballroom shoe
I have a pair similar to this that comes in handy all the time. I seem to wear them to every job interview, actually, because they are comfortable, closed toe, and go well with pants or skirts.

$59 Type 204 latin shoe
Easy to wear and looks light with thin silver straps

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