Tuesday, August 23, 2011

L'Oreal Healthy Shine Conditioner

On Sunday, I got sick of my hair being a little too light at the ends and dyed it a shade or two darker.
Not a big deal, no one has noticed. It just looks more one-color now.

While using the dye, I realized how excited I was to be able to use that really thick conditioner that comes with the set.

Why don't they sell this separately?
They should!
I would buy it.
It's way better than most other deep conditioners I've tried and really transforms your hair from the gross bird nest it can become during the dye process to silky hair that you could do those swooshy hair commercials with.

Supposedly, the L'Oreal Feria Color Moisturizing Treatment is similar, but I haven't tried it.
They don't need to repackage it though, just sell us the original little tubes so we know we are getting the same thing!
$7.19 at Amazon
Has anyone tried it to see if it is the same?


  1. I felt the same way and a few years ago tried it when I saw it at Sally Beauty. It feels like the same thing to me. I would recommend it.

  2. Thanks Jas! Good to have a personal recc


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