Friday, August 5, 2011

Etsy finds of the day: Vintage Coach Bags edition

Coach is re-releasing a line of signature bags that have the classic coach look for $258+.

But why pay that much when really great vintage Coach bags are available?
I have a black Station bag and I wear it all the time.
Then I realized that my mom had the brown Station bag and I saw it constantly growing up. Must be why it feels like it has the right proportions.

$69 Coach Court bag in tan

$60 Coach Station bag in dark brown

$20 Coach ivory crossbody bag

$57 Coach round crossbody bag in black

$25 Coach shoulder bag in black

$42 Coach Casino clutch in British Tan

$162 Coach briefcase in black

Aren't these great?
The vintage leather is full grain and will withstand a serious beating.
Actually, when my mom saw my bag, she took out her old station bag which was still in great condition after 20something years of regular use.

The new Coach leather bags are layered and the leather is not as good. I am not sure if their Classic reissue bags have the good old leather or the bad new leather, but I'd stay safe and go for a cheaper vintage model either way.

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