Monday, August 1, 2011

Chalcedony Rings

Chalcedony is a cryptocrystalline form of silica, which means it is really smooth and shatters like glass but is otherwise similar to quartz. (You pronounce it kal-SED-uh-nee, btw. Not SHAL-se-DOE-nee, as I have heard people say and wanted to smack them.)
The most common colors of chalcedony are white, grayish, bluish, and brown. The prettiest ones (I think) are aqua and periwinkle. Natural stones can be heat-treated to bring out nicer colors.
It is semi-transparent and appears to glow from the inside when it is cut well.

My friend Ashley has a beautiful chalcedony ring that all our other friends are jealous of.

Here are some pretty pieces so you can be the envy of your circle, just like Ashley.
$1,999 Chalcedony, sapphire, and diamond ring
So pretty, and so damn expensive.

$536.64 Chalcedony and opal ring
I like the idea of pairing the semi-transparent chalcedony with the also creamy-looking opals.
$348 Chalcedony and gold solitaire
I like this ring because I see a lot of chalcedony paired with white gold or silver, and I think it looks good with the warm yellow gold. It is also rare to see a faceted stone like this; most of them are round or oval cabochons (like smooth pillows).

$139.99 Byzantine Simulated Chalcedony ringThis one is sterling and manufactured chalcedony, which explains the lower pricetag.

$218.50 Blue chalcedony ring
Very blue with fun filigree sides. Vermeil means sterling silver coated with gold.
See how many words you are learning today?!?
$120 Movado 18K gold and chalcedony ring
This design is very modern and cool and would be nice on a man as well.

$485 Elizabeth Showers green chalcedony ring
I don't think I've ever seen a marquis cabochon like this one, and the shape of the ring and cutouts are nice too.

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