Monday, August 8, 2011

Great Online Store: Papaya

Papaya is a US brand that sells cheap women's wear. Some of its items are too hoochie or too teen for me (it is a lot like F21), but there are some good picks there too if you look.
Here are my favorites:

$19.99 Shimmer sheer sweater
Wear this with a nude tank as shown or with a bright color underneath

$19.99 Leopard cardigan
This one has contrasting black foldover cuffs and lapels and would look even better with a gray tee shirt and light jeans.

$19.99 PU Oxfords in Camel
These shoes are vegan and fake leather, so they should do well against the rain that is coming for the Fall.

$20.99 Lace Collar Button down shirt
A navy blouse that you can wear to work or on the weekends, and a good lightweight solution for Summer when it can be hot outside and cold in the office.

$18.74 Surplice dress
Surplice means it opens down the front like a liturgical costume, but that has been changed over time to mean such basic things as "wrap."

$19.99 Triangle print dress with belt
This one is my favorite. I like the print, the colors, the belt, and the flattering neckline with wide shoulders that hide bra straps and also balance out hips. It's made out of rayon, which is good for traveling and washes well.

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  1. Awesome designs. Being a designer myself, I would give a thumbs up to all the designs above! :)


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