Friday, August 19, 2011

I Love My New United Nude Shoes!

I blogged about the 70% off shoe sale at United Nude, but I hadn't been.
Well Thursday after work, I stopped by and I was blown away by the selection and prices!
The sale goes through Sunday so you NYers should go this weekend.

I got two pairs and they are so cool.

$75 (down from $250) Low Res in Magenta

$125 (down from $485) Cosmo
The ones I got are kelly green, but I couldn't find a pic of them.

There were also ultra Mobius, low Mobius, Block heels, Eamz, Cup pumps, Mono lows, Coral, fabric slip-ons.
Most shoes are $75, $85, or $125 but some of the rubber sandals were going for $35 or $50.
At the United Nude site, there are some items on sale, but they are not nearly marked down as much as at the sample sale.

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