Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What to Buy from the Anthropologie Sale

Now is the time of year when you should go out and make fast friends with someone who works for Anthro or Urban Outfitters, because now is the time when employees get 40% off already marked-down sale items (usually employee discounts only apply to full priced items).

Here is what I want:
$19.99 Redux Top
The pleats are unexpected with the striped collared shirt

$99.95 Artist's Rendering Dress
I used to have a great dress that showed a space shuttle launch scene. Ever since I decided it was a little too short, I've wanted to replace it with a fun "scene" dress.

$49.95 Tiburon Blouse
I like the painterly color strokes and the loose relaxed fit.

$49.95 Traced and tabbed blouse
Very small delicate print and roll-up sleeves are nice for work.

$29.95 Confluence top
Drapey and comfortable but still nicer than a regular tee

$49.95 Evening Chill Sweater
I like the shorter sleeve length and the wide weave.

$49.95 Lapel skirt
Definitely wear the shirt tucked in with this one.

$139.90 Pebble Beach Set
All silk and all luxury. I want to lounge around the house all day in this. But they are sold separately and the bottoms and top are 69.95 EACH which makes it not that worth it probably.

$79.95 Hacienda Heels
Fun red woven pattern on a nicely shaped shoe

$19.95 Deco Dash Headband in ivory
A quick and easy way to dress up your hairstyle. It's probably too big for my tiny head though.

$99.95 Anya Sheet Set
I know I don't need new sheets, but these are so pretty! And I know a girl named Anya and she would totally love these sheets too.

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