Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Would you wear a family wedding dress?

A lot of brides save their dresses so that their future daughters might be able to wear them on their wedding day. But most of the time, the dress is outdated and doesn't suit the taste of the offspring.
That is not the case with the family in this story, who have passed the same dress down from 1884 and just saw the dress go down the aisle for the fifth time.

Here is a picture of the dress and the most recent bride to be married in it.
I think its great that they preserved it so well and that they didn't change it; if it were mine, I'd probably chop off that old fashioned train.
What good taste this woman's great-grandmother had!

Many people justify their expensive purchases by amortizing the cost over number of wears, like "well, if I wear this 50 times, it only will be $3 per wear, which is actually really cheap..." In this case, whatever the great-grandma paid, it was well worth it.

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