Monday, August 22, 2011

Sleeves for my Tiny New 11" Macbook Air

My new work computer is this itsy bitsy thing that is currently all naked and without any protection. I have permission to go buy it a cheap sleeve so it's not so vulnerable.

I want to get something a little fun but I have to remember that this belongs to the company and not just me, so getting one silkscreened with Fabio's abs or something might not be the most professional when I hand it off to our  QA people for testing.

I want one that is cheap, kind of fun to look at, padded, and one that closes and isn't just open on one end. In case I decide to accidentally smash that end putting it down.

Here are some options under $25:
$23 Be.ez La Robe striped sleeve
Fun but not embarrassing.

$22 Brenthaven 2098 black case
Classytown! Check out those clasps!

$24.99 Thin Form Factor Pink zip sleeve
I did tell my boss to expect hot pink and polka dots. But it was supposed to be a joke.

$24.94  Speck Products Pixel Sleeve
Looks cushiony, normal.

$16.72 Manila folder style sleeve
Cute and clever.

$11.68 Retro pink flower print sleeve
Hahaha just kidding. This is hideous and my boss would kill me.

$17 Hammerhead reversible neoprene sleeve
The band of color appeals to me, as does the fact that it is right up the street at Tekserve.

$15 Chloe Dao Pinstripe envelope sleeve
I could have a Project Runway laptop!!

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