Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pre-Made Picnic Baskets in NYC

Do you like outdoor dining?
Are you incredibly lazy?
Oops, I meant "spontaneous."
Do you not own any tupperware or baskets?
Do you live in NYC?
Well, if that sounds like you, please read on, because there are companies that have taken all the work out of picnicking. Except for finding a good spot.

Here is a selection of their selections:

$21 per person Pera basket
This basket comes with Mediterranean mezze like hummus and baba ghanouj and lavash chips, and your choice of kebab and a piece of baklava. No drinks, though it does look like you get to keep the basket.

$95 pre-made picnic basket from That Picnic PlaceThis company delivers, too. They let you make a lot of choices in their menu! You get 2 sandwiches, 2 drinks, 2 snacks, 2 desserts, a picnic basket and a picnic blanket. I would get lemonade, grilled eggplant wrap, doritos, and a fruit tart.

Nanoosh has bagged lunches that you can order and take to your picnic as well
it's 12.95 for a main, a side, a drink, and a baklava

$125 Dean & Deluca Perfect Picnic
Comes with cheeses, salamis, olives, crackers, chips, and the basket.

$25 Bouchon bakery picnic tote
comes with cheese, pate, 2 demi baguettes, 2 sodas.
They also have a lunch tote which has 2 sandwiches, 2 chips, 2 macarons, 2 sodas for $30 and I think that is the better deal. I wish they served in baskets instead of totes though, there is something more romantic and quaint about a basket.

$21 per person Telepan picnic basket
Includes a main, side, and dessert.
I'd have a mushroom fontina sandwich, farro tabbouleh, and Telepan cookies.

If you are in Park Slope, I recommend going to Bierkraft, where for $10 you get a sandwich and chips or fruit, and you can buy all sorts of beverages.
Another good supplier in the Slope is Blue Apron Foods where you can pick up a sandwich or bread and cheese and meats right near the park.

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