Monday, August 8, 2011

Exude Lipstick

Exude is a new lipstick and lip gloss that smushes up through the holder (which is plastic and shaped like a solid lipstick) so you can apply without the mess of gloss or the possibility of screwing up your lipstick by putting it back in its case without twisting it down.

In concept, it's kind of like the gel deodorant that you click to get more on the applicator.

They are $29 each and come in nine lip cremes (Bronze, Brown, Coral, Cranberry, Nude, Pink, Plum, Red and Rosy Brown) and five lip glosses (Clear, Brown, Crimson, Dusty Pink and Scarlet Red).

I'd like to try it out and see if the lipstick lasts as long as regular stick form ones, and how it feels on. I like the coral and red lipstick colors and the scarlet, dusty pink, and crimson glosses.

Has anyone tried it?

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