Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane Nails

Over the weekend, I did.... umm... not a lot.
We waited for Irene to do her worst, and luckily we didn't experience much of it.
So I had time for an elaborate manicure.

I decided to to an impression of a storm on my nails using a variety of grays, blues, silvers, and purples.
The end result looks, as E said, like Monet's water.
I like to think of myself as the Monet of nailpolish.


Please excuse the state of my cuticles.


The other hand.

I achieved the look by first doing a solid coat of gray (OPI You Don't Know Jacques).
Then I did blobs, streaks, and dots of several other colors including Essie Huckle Buckle, NY Colors Midnight Sky, and UO Pool.
I went over the whole nail with a very sheer Brucci silver to kind of unify it, and then I did streaks with an almost dry brush of some of the darker colors again.
Topped the whole thing off with Sally Hansen Mega Shine topcoat.

Yeah, it took a while.
But I had a while.

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