Friday, August 12, 2011

WTF Designers?

Here are my guesses at what needs the designers were trying to satisfy with these items:

$663 Vivienne Westwoord MAN Deer knit cardigan
"I wish I looked like I had a dumpy middle-aged woman's body, and nothing to live for."

$105 Just Cavalli shirt
"I want to be the one at the bar wearing the shirt that explains why I am single."

 $895.50 DSquared Pajama blazer
"I want a jacket that broadcasts both my ironic outdatedness and my tendency towards pedophilia. Also, could it cost like a month of rent?"

$374 adidas Y3 by Yohji Yamamoto jacket
"What would Oscar the Grouch wear if it was 2715 and he was really cold from being in a garbage-SPACE-can?"

 $296 Just Cavalli denim jacket
"Remember Joey Buttafuoco? Just like that."

$375 DSquared Parka
"My breasts are so cold and my belly button is so hot. My elbows freeze but I want to be able to see my watch and bracelet at all times. Why can't I find the right jacket for that?"

$210 Ports 1961 Dress
"I wish they made garbage bags in shiny hot pink."

$195.30 Vivienne Westwood blouse

"Okay, but what if now I am a one-armed slutty clown?

$102 Just Cavalli pants
"No one has ever vomited from looking at my butt. Can we change that?"

$1,791 Just Cavalli sweater
"A religious cult member travels back in time to court a medieval knight. Got it?"

1 comment:

  1. my boyfriend and I would wear the pajama blazer and the Just cavalli sweater (respectively). :o)


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