Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Printed clothes with horses from ASOS

More clothes with animal prints (i.e. prints made up of animals, not patterned like an animal)!
First installment.
Second installment.

$57.50 Ruby Rocks Rodeo Shirt
This cute button up shirt has brown and white horse friends printed on it.

I think it is a knockoff of this one:
$287.52 Virginie Castaway horse print shirt
This shirt has a tighter and smaller print than the one above, but has the same white and brown twin horse design (all right-side-up here).
I thought that for the price, this one would be silk, but it turns out both of the shirts are viscose, so I advise going with the cheaper one here.

$37.74 petite horse print tunic
I like the tie at the neck on this one, and the half-sleeve length.

$71.88 Galloping horse dress
The bow (they are technically called "pussy bows" but I can't bring myself to use that term) and the wide sleeves with tight cuffs make this very feminine.

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