Thursday, October 20, 2011

The only reason to miss Qaddafi: The Outfits

Let's not let all the celebrating and speculation and political upheaval distract us from one important point: Qaddafi had some great rock star outfits.
If only Obama could be so sartorially crazy.

Let's remember the glory and glitz together:

Shiny Eggplant Monster!

One of these dignitaries is not like the others....

Outrage casual attire, please.

No, I'm a fancy boat captain!

Tousled and ready to torture.

Blanche Devereaus called...but you can keep it.

And this badge I got for the Lockerbie bombing; when I finally got my Backing Terrorists award.

Want more?
Here are some slide shows and a video so you can relive the wardrobe highlights, hopefully without the killing of civilian dissidents parts.


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