Monday, October 31, 2011

Etsy Finds of the Day: Accessories Au Naturel

Today I'm featuring Etsy picks that are natural and uncut and unpolished.

$155 Rough diamond and gold studs
I looove unpolished diamonds. Then you can walk around all day saying "I'm a diamond in the rough!"

$28 Pyrite crystal necklace
Pyrite, or fool's gold,  has some amazing crystal forms, including these pyritohedrons. New word!!
Pyrite's natural crystal form is a cube, but it also comes in these soccer ball-ish shapes and radiant form which looks like a sun and botryoidal form which looks like lots of globs and bubbles.

$144 Sterling silver ring with natural apatite, garnet, tourmaline, and rodonite crystals
Interesting irregular four leaf clover-like design. The colors aren't ones I would normally choose to go together but I think they work well.

$27 Coyote fang brass earrings

$52 Sterling silver succulent plant cufflinks
They are real, live plants growing in silver cufflinks and yes you can wear them.
I wonder how long they live for and if you can keep them alive for a while after you buy them.
Wouldn't they make awesome groomsmen gifts?

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