Friday, October 28, 2011

Your Search Led You Here: Pt 2

See the first edition here.

This is a post in which I try to help out the errant internet surfers who've typed in search terms and have been brought to my blog only to be disappointed (probably). In order to compensate these folks, I've found what they are looking in case they search again and are brought back here.

To the person who searched "pirate mushroom" I give you:
$16 Plush felt mushroom pirate
I don't understand why you need this. But whatever floats your boat...

To the person who searched "50s tight tops" I give you:
$38 Vintage 1950s chevron blouse
Pretty cute, right? Not a bad search, Searcher. Unless you were looking for women or men in their 50s who are wearing tight tops. Which you probably were.

To the person who searched "3 tier bleachers" I give you:
Did you know that there is a website called Now you do!

To the person who searched "Deer Makeup" I give you:


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