Friday, October 7, 2011

Great Online Store: Kiosk

Kiosk is a NYC-based store that is devoted to carrying everyday objects from around the world. You can go on their website and shop by region. Right now they have stuff from India, as well as their regularly stocked items from all over. It's one of those store that I wish I had come up with because it is such a cool idea.

They also have a blog which has pretty pictures from around the world and it is a great place to get lost/decrease productivity.

Here are my currently available picks:

$10 Can of Mints, USA

$40 Bamboo steamer basket, Japan

$3 Brass paperclips, Sweden

$9 Chalk in paper holders, Germany

$2 Magic Birthday Candles, Portugal

$28 Olive Oil dispenser, Portugal

$70 Stapler, Sweden

$12 Travel Thread kit, Germany

$12 Set of 12 kulfi spoons, India

Pretty neat assortment, right?

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