Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cool Clocks and Watches from AC Gears

AC Gears is a company based in NYC that sells electronics.
They have a points program where basically you get 4% of your purchase price as credit to spend on your next item, which I think is nice.

Here are my picks:
$79.99 Idea Icon watch
I like how this looks 8 bit and low res.

$39.99 Bird alarm clock
This one tweets to wake you up, and speaks to tell you what the time is.

$178.99 Nava Tempo Libero watch
You have to see how this one actually spins, it is really cool.

$39.99 Nanda Clocky Rolling Alarm Clock
If you are a snoozer, use this. It rolls away from you after you hit snooze so you have to go get up and chase it.

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