Thursday, October 13, 2011

Etsy Finds of the Day

$35 Antique wire basket
I think this would be a great washcloth or towel holder in a bathroom- just roll up the linens and put them in vertically. It could also be good for holding magazines. or as a light fixture with either one big bulb in it, or using the basket to hold a bushel of white christmas lights.

$8.50 Home cotton tape
This is like a ribbon but all cotton.
It would be good for gift wrapping, lining the edge of a quilt or pillow cover, or decorating envelopes.

$86 Teal purse
This messenger style purse would be a great every-day bag, especially for Fall when the other colors you'll be wearing will be browns and grays and purples and oranges and will match this very well.

$25 Raw Honey 5 lb jug
What would you do with five pounds of honey?
I'd put it on waffles, make cookies, make tea, and drink it straight.

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