Monday, October 17, 2011

Etsy Finds of the Day: Classy Home

Want to make your house look classy really quickly? Add any of these Etsy items.

$209 Painted duvet cover and decals
What a slick idea: selling coordinated wall and bed decor. Instantly planned look.

$700 Sailboat wooden chess set
Pretend your great grandfather carved these. Yar.

$84.75 Glossy black frame set
Frames are a great way to say "I'm not in college anymore!"
Put mirrors or pictures in them, or just use them empty like this as decorations.

$110 Antique French Sink stand
Use this as your entry table or your makeup table. Piles of crap look so much neater in a basket on a little table like this.

$60 Painted plant stand
Yeah, even my plants have their own tables. NBD, I am just really smooth like that. What, you use the windowsill? Ha, you pleb.

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