Thursday, October 6, 2011

NeedSupply has Nice Fall Items for Men

Does your man (or you if you are a man) have a fall birthday?
These new items from NeedSupply would make great gifts. They are special and you can't find things like them in most local stores, and no one will be wearing the same thing. Everything I've gotten from NeedSupply for myself and E has been well-made and high quality.

Here are my picks for the men's fall line:
$275 RAF Knit Wool Pullover sweater
This is knit in the British Military style with the V-pullover neck. It has 2 birds on the front and a few on back as well. It's all wool and looks warm.

$58 Obey Navajo scarf
Most men's scarves are boring because people think that men can't wear prints unless they are argyle or plaid or checks. I like this one, the geometric shapes keep it masculine, but the print and colors are fun. For once.

$40 RVCA backpack
Want a cheap bag that looks fashionable and not schoolboy-ish? I think this would be a good choice. It's simple and canvas and I like the white piping.

$316 Pendelton Arrow Cardigan
How cool is this? I looooove the arrow print which is very on-trend now with the tribal and aztec stuff happening, and the position of the pattern shows off what men do best: shoulders, arms, and waist. The black on cream color scheme feels classic and won't go out of style.
This is a great investment piece.
When you put it on, you go from being a cold guy in a tee and jeans to a totally warm, put-together slick guy who has really thought out his outfit. It changes the whole conversation.

$85 Fresh Jive Marina Chino
Pants can also get pretty boring in the world of menswear. I think these are cool because the line of gray is unexpected but doesn't throw off the whole look or make it unprofessional. E disagrees. I think his exact words were "Who needs a cock stripe?"
Whose side are you on?

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