Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Subtle Patterned Tights

Do you wear dresses or pants during the work week?
I'd say I am about 50/50. 
When I wear skirts or dresses, I find myself always reaching for the same few pairs of tights (despite the fact that I have a whole drawer full).

Tights with subtle patterns are what I go for.
I like them to have some design because I think black tights can look very severe or little girl-ish if you aren't careful, and colored tights are good with the right outfit but hard to make work in the office.

These tights have a some interest to them, but are still quiet enough to wear to work and to pair with a non-solid dress or skirt and not seem too busy with patterns.

$11.99 Nvie designs Circuit band cotton tights

$16 Jessica Simpson Aztec opaque tights

$11 Hue women's tights with control top

$11.99 Yelete Argyle black tights

$11 Apt 9 Open work chevron tights

What to avoid in patterned tights for work:
-many colors at once, this will be hard to match
-designs with holes that are too big or too open, there should be more tights than leg showing
-fishnets, unless you are that kind of working woman
-stockings with lines up the back, prostitown
-white background, this looks childish

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