Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Foxy Fall Heels Under $100

Fall means closed-toed shoes are back and your peep toes and sandals should take a hike to the bottom of your closet for a while.
But don't despair, there is fun to be had with closed-toe heels as well.
Pumps don't have to be boring.

$79.95 Anthropologie Rare Collection Heels
I love the cognac color. You can wear them with black or brown.
These heels are good for skirts or pants, too. How versatile!
They look comfortable with that elastic band holding in the ruffles and also your foot.

$69.95 Anthropologie Felt Almond Heels
The shape of these is killer. I love shoes that have Vs in the vamp and I think they make your feet look elegant and narrow and the V extends your leg line so your legs look longer too. Plus, the felt feels like Fall.

$97.50 Ivanka Trump Fazio
These are the classy, work appropriate, Fall answer to the cap-toe ballet flat that you wore all summer.

$90 Seychelles Accent Leopard
Fall is a great time to wear funky shoes and animal prints since most of your other clothes will be muted colors

$72 J. Renee Arlinda heel
These black and gold zig zags will make any outfit special.

$69.95 Bella Vita Carmel II heel
These will keep the tops of your feet warm and dry, and have cool overlapping detail

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