Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Etsy Finds of the Day: Gray Accessories edition

$30 Upcycled tie phone holder
This phone pouch uses the wide end of the tie to close over the top, and the narrow end on the back to hold your earphones or whatevs.

$21.65 Crocheted rock
This is the price for one rock, not the whole set. Why would you want a crocheted rock? Why would you spend more than $20 on it? Why would you have it shipped from the UK?
These are questions you must answer for yourself, grasshopper.

$50 Gray silk pieced clutch
I love the different colors of silk in this bag, and the radiating pattern that goes so well with the color gradient.

$8.99 Vintage 1940s gray tie with red stripes
Wear with gray cords.

$12 Gray silk scarf
Very nice with the shiny and matte parts. This looks much more expensive.

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