Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Row $39K Alligator Backpack

Bags can be very nice.
Bags can be made out of fancy and rare materials.
I still don't understand who would buy a bag that costs the same as a year of an elite private college.

You could pay for college, or a bag to carry like 2 of your college books and maybe a lip gloss.
I would say that the choice is clear, but in today's economy... maybe just go for the bag.

$39,000 Alligator Backpack from The Row 

Apparently, there are many people out there who are not like me (and, I assume, you) who would and did spend this much on this bag.
So many people, in fact, that it is now SOLD OUT. I guess you will have to wait til they raise and kill more alligators and submit them to the Olsens' for approval before you can buy one.

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