Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Etsy Finds of the Day: Amazing Accessories

$35 Locket box necklace
This intricately carved wooden box serves as the charm on a long chain. You can put any keepsake in it (as long as it is tiny) or leave it empty.
The way it stays closed is really cool--the lid of the box is kept on because it is being pulled by the chain.

$76 Leaf waist bag
Not to be confused with a leaf waste bag.
Also, please don't mention "f----y p---s" within earshot of this belt with a  folded leaf pocket. It's way cooler than that.

$10 Light bulb earrings
The geometric look and the mixed metals are really cool. Plus, light bulbs on your head!

$88 silver double circle earrings
These are neat- how do they stay on? Does it feel like your ear is getting a hug?
Well, I could tell you but then the magic would be gone.

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