Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Etsy Finds of the Day: Fancy Furniture edition

$2,150 Rokur chair
This rocking chair says "I will prove my love for hard, spare, Mid-Century Modern and Minimalist furniture even if I just got 3 stitches in my vagina!"

$550 Air side table
This table has wood slats that seem to float, disguising a clever steel rod system below.
Great for people who love to forget that pistachio shells have to go somewhere and just want to push them through the table not to look at them anymore.

$5,700 Designer cabinet (shipping included)
The interior shows just as much thought as the exterior. I love the useful drawers and shelves and the mirrored back.
This unit would be great for a room that wasn't built with a closet and would look good next to a matching armoire.

$1,890 Loius XVI wine rack
I like the curvy shape of this, though I don't really like the rainbow gradient. I think I would go for the all white lacquered version instead for more elegance. What do you think?

$650 Peacock chair
Beautiful printed fabric and shiny gold! Fancy shape and lots of details on the wood. What more do you want? For fancy furniture, this is a relative steal.

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