Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Etsy Finds of the Day: Sequin Party Dresses by Jasmin

PartyDressesByJasmin is a great etsy shop where you can find all things sequined.
Her dresses have 2 way stretch, so they should fit most shapes, and she makes plus sizes as well.

She has some solid color dresses and some color block ones, but the dresses I like the most are the ones where she uses the sequins like paint and blends and mixes them up to create interesting ombre patterns.

$84 Orange and blue dress

Doesn't it look Impressionistic?

$84 One shoulder Vegas dress
Strapless dresses make me a little nervous, so I'd probably go for this shape instead.

$82 Gold silver white sequin dress
This one is more of the color blocking style

$84 Deep V purple dress
This one has more of a regular pattern and both sleeves.

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