Thursday, October 27, 2011

Etsy Finds of the Day: Home Improvements

$60 European embroidered pill box
Your prescription bottles are ugly and garish. This is more elegant and you can keep it out on the counter.

$49 Raw Steel giant allium sculptures
You can't grow anything cool in your garden, so just stick these in the ground and call it a day. They will rust and get their own patina with age, and look even better.

$40 Lacey porcelain light bulb shade
It's time to get rid of those tacky Ikea lanterns and get something more adult. You know it is true. This is not expensive and will transform the look of the whole room. A few of them hanging together would be even better.

$275 Art deco vanity and stool
Get your makeup off of the sink and get some pretty plates and bowls and arrange it all nicely on this vanity, like the lady you always wanted to be.

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