Thursday, October 27, 2011

Great Online Store: Poketo

You might recognize the name Poketo from when they did a collaboration with Target. I didn't get anything of theirs then, but I am happy to report that their regular items are not too highly priced.

Their online store carries items from over 200 independent designers and generally features colorful home goods, apparel, and accessories. Most items are under $50, which is very affordable and makes this a dangerous store to browse.

Here are my picks:

$250 Upcycled Men's suit tote bag
A manly man purse

$48 Striped Canvas backpack
These are perfect- not too big, has a divider inside, and one pocket outside. Plus, under $50

$32 Micro Gem headphones
I am liking this earbud-as-jewelry trend! See previous post.

$35 Solar sphere lights
Funny little space age tripods make these cooler than the regular solar lanterns that you drive over with your car anyway even though you bought them just to light the driveway.

$22.80 Fly asymmetric top
This is wild! If I were a skinny stick figure, I would totally wear this. Otherwise, it can be hard to surrender your waistline like this and hope that people can still tell that you aren't preggers under there.
Oh! This would be great for pregnant people!

$28.80 Different Stripe Dress
The pleats make the stripes look so cool. If I didn't already have a million summer dresses, I'd be all over this.

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