Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What to Buy from Old Navy's Sale Now: Women's

Old Navy is having their "Fall Haul" sale now, and is offering 50% off online and up to 75% off in stores.
I stopped by last week and found some great deals.
I think you should go in person not only to get the better deal, but also to check out the fabrics. Some of the shirts and especially the sweaters look nice online but in person the material is gross and see-through or low quality. Not all, though.
Or just order off my list since I've already been in to the store ;)

Here are my picks:
$39 Canvas trench coat
These are a great length- covers your butt but doesn't go too long and make your legs look short. And the waist belt is good for cinching and making you look hour-glass-y.

$20 Breezy blouse
I got this in the blue print, it looks like it has abstract raindrops on it sort of. It is a really good cut and looks good for work. The white was a little too sheer for me.

$14.99 Roll-up camp shirt
Good for a casual office or weekend.

$17.50 Striped sequin henley tanks
These were like $7 in the store- I got the white and brown striped one.

$13.99 Boat neck striped 3/4 tee
If you don't have this staple, get one.

$30.99 Chambray shirt dress
Good length, nice sleeve that isn't too short, and belted.

$12.99 zip pocket skinny cargo pants
These pants will prob fall apart pretty quickly, but so will the trend, and who cares for under $13?

$22 Desert Wedge boots
I bought these and really like them. They are high but comfortable. It's clear that the suede or whatever it may be is low quality, but I think these will survive at least a season. They look really good under pants. They also come in gray and brown.

$32 pleather riding boots
The gray version looks good in person. Skip the cheesy brown version. I remember these being more like $27 in the store.

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