Monday, October 17, 2011

What to Give Your Favorite Protestor

$12 Disappearing Civil Liberties Mug
"Watch your civil liberties disappear over a hot beverage. The Bill of Rights is proudly displayed, verbatim, on this mug, until you pour in hot liquid. Then, alas, your constitution erodes."

So they can be reminded of their outrage as they drink hot chocolate.

$4.95 Wisps
Something to fix their gross breath so they don't make a bad impression while giving an interview to the press

Note: environmentalists will be against these "throwaway solutions" so instead get them these Sewak sticks:

$3.75 Sewak natural tooth brush sticks

$12.99 Burt's Bees baby powderSomething to make them feel fresher.

This powder is good for deodorizing people and clothes, and using as dry shampoo.

$99.99 SoundKase Sonic iBoom Backpack
Something to carry stuff in and also be a speaker

$12.95 Poster Paint Set
Something to make signs with. Colorful, interesting signs get more press.

$6 Crayola Fabric markers
Something to help them wear their message and help identify new supporters.

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