Friday, September 23, 2011

How to Make Me Buy Something Impulsively

Put little animals all over it in a barely noticeable print.

I have a dress from Gsus that has  tiny olive sharks on a lighter moss background.
I have a thermal shirt with pink and blue bunnies on it.

So when I saw a shirtdress at H&M yesterday with off-white deer on a black background I had to get it without even trying it on.
Of course, when I got it home it was too short to wear to work so I reluctantly returned it.
(that is someone else wearing it)

but the whole experience made me realize what my impulse purchasing weakness is.

Then I walked into F21 and saw these two items:
$17.80 Cat print dress
(NO I still don't like cats, thankyouverymuch)

$19.80 Bird print shirt

I didn't get them but now I wish I'd gotten that bird shirt.
Oh wait! here it is online! The in-flight shirt.

Ooh and here's another
$17.80 Flock of birds top

I hope small animal designs are going to be everywhere! I'll have a hard time not buying everything.

Do you have a shopping impulse trigger? What is it?

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