Thursday, September 15, 2011

Etsy Finds of the Day: Solid Gold Jewelry by Doretta Tondi

Doretta Tondi is Greek jeweler who creates really interesting designs with gold. She uses different textures and shapes to achieve pieces that you won't see elsewhere.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from her Etsy shop:

$1,163 Gold cage quartz crystal earrings
These are delicate but structured and I like the circular finial on each of the wire ends.

$2,269 Square gold ring with diamond
I love how the higher carat gold (this one is 22K) has a rich deep look.

$4,652 Gold ribbon bracelet
This piece is so simple but so well-crafted. It would look beautiful on the arm whether you are wearing an evening gown or a white tee. The ribbon design is so versatile.

$2,137 Gold Pinned ring
The folded edge of this ring reminds me of a fish tail. I like how the element holding the ring together is both visible and beautiful. (Yes, that is a tiny diamond on the pin head.) The imprinted texture looks woven, echoing the pin woven between the layers of the ring.

$5,149 Gold pod brooch
These puffed discs remind me of seaweed or a berry branch and the brushed texture makes them look more natural.

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