Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Missoni For Target Shopping Spree

Missoni for Target launched today-- EVERYONE GO CRAZY!!!
Remember what I wanted?

Ok, settled?
I went to the Atlantic center Target before work today thinking I'd have the pick of the place, but by 8:30 the shoppers who'd apparently been waiting since 6am (said the checkout woman) had ransacked the store and left almost nothing.

I am not so easily deterred, though. I followed those bitches around and gathered up their discards.
I participated in what can only be described as a feeding frenzy when an employee brought up a new cart of housewares.
I traded items with other shoppers who were all hoarding their own stashes.
It was fun, in an end-of-days way.

Here is what I got, I might return a bunch of it but I thought if I didn't grab it then, I would never get a chance at it.

Doesn't it all look nice in a pile on my office floor?

15" laptop case $29.99
Camisole and underwear set XS $29.99
Black and white zig zag shirt size M (a little too big) $39.99
Brown serving tray $19.99
Brown picture frame $12.99
Black and white zig zag tall canister $19.99
Crew socks $6

Some items I had really wanted, like the blanket, the ballet flats, and the black dress were in high demand and other people snagged them before I got them.

But then....
I went online to target.com and got stuff there too!
A bunch of their stuff was sold out and the website kept going on and offline. I hear that for most of the morning it was down from all the traffic. People be crazy. I am one of them, I know.
Anyway, online there were more items, so I ordered the black dress, the chemise, and the black and white rain boots.

I didn't see the bobby pins or barettes in store or online, nor did I see the stationery.
I hope they get more shipments!

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