Wednesday, September 21, 2011

15 Dollar Store Muted Colors for Fall

Whenever I remember to check the 15 Dollar Store, it always has something new and totally worth it.
There are some Fall items for sale now, so I searched through a lot of them to find the best discounts and highest original prices, and the items that are wearable and not made of cheap stuff.

Here is what I recommend:
$15 (down from $64) Treasure Rock Knit Cardigan
This is mostly wool and I like the zig zags (I must still be in the Missoni state of mind) and the light gray.

$15 (down from $108) Linq Gray Striped Open Cardigan
This is a little sheer. I like the open front and how the stripes change direction.

$15 (down from $88) Olive and Oak Twofer Cardigan Tunic
The buttoned tunic comes attached to the open cardigan. I like the draped pockets. You can be really lazy but still look like you took the time to layer smartly.

$15 (down from $139) Cloth Logic Men's Stretch Wool Coat
A simple coat with a few nicely tailored details like the welt pockets and the back strap.

$15 (down from $159) Cloth Logic Men's Zip and Button Wool Coat
The army green and the tabbed buttons make this look vintage.

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