Saturday, September 17, 2011

Elbow Patch Sweaters for Men and Women

Elbow patches are back for Fall!
I like them.
They are functional and cool and make a one-colored item a little more interesting.


$64.03 Textured knit crew elbow patch pullover
Rust is such an underused color.

$89.99 Metropolitan View Cashmere elbow patch pullover in burgundy
Looks cozy

$99.95 Cullen Boiled Wool Sweater
The blue wool and tan suede work well together.

$65.99 Polo Ralph Lauren Elbow patch cardigan
Sleek in black merino.

$56.90 Ben Sherman Cardigan
Classic and woodsy in brown.


$69 Halogen Elbow Patch sweater
The three buttons on the shoulder are the perfect complement to the elbows

$26.90 Heritage 81 (F21) Elbow Patch Cardigan
The elbow patches aren't as noticeable on this one, but they are a fun surprise

$98 Willow & Clay Plaid Riding Jacket
This is a great Fall jacket that kind of deserves its own post. Equestrian, plaid, patches, buckles all in one.

$64.03 ASOS star elbow patch pullover
Stars! So cute. I wonder why we don't see more fun shapes.

Of course, if you can't find a sweater you like that comes with elbow patches, they are dead simple to attach yourself!
$5.55 Suede Elbow patches
Here's how:
1. put on your sweater
2. bend your arm
3. mark an X with chalk on the point of your elbow
4. take off the sweater and center the patch over the X
5. repeat for other arm

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