Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Zara Launches Online Store Tomorrow

If you don't have a Zara near you, or if you are near one that is so busy that all the good stuff is picked over before you get there (cough cough), you will be happy to know that you can soon buy things online.

I am not sure I will really use this though; I often go into Zara's dressing room with a bunch of clothes that look cute on the hanger but look awful on a real body. Or at least my real body.
Unlike other brands that have fewer cuts and styles, Zara produces so much that it is hard to consistently know your size and whether a garment will fit you properly.
Men--do you find their sizes consistent?

Their shoes are usually pretty standard though, so if you know you fit a size 8 in one style, you probably can buy another 8 without trying it on. But some people's feet are really picky and sensitive, so I don't know.

Here are some Fall items from the online store that caught my eye, but I'll probably be trying it on instead of buying online.

$129 Checked 3/4 length coat

$59.90 Trousers with belt

$59.90 Feather Print tunic
$89.90 Combined flat strap ankle boot


$129 Nylon 3/4 length coat with pockets

$59.90 Jacquard sweater with elbow patches

$59.90 Suede Sneaker

$59.90 Herringbone docksider ankle boot

$129 Etched Leather messenger bag

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