Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Etsy Finds of the Day

$24 Vintage domed metal lunchbox
This is so classy looking with it's shiny buckles and matte black finish that I want to carry it as a very unwieldy purse. It would probably be better on a desk holding stationery or craft supplies. The best part is the clean, shiny white interior.

$40 Custom wedding pillow
 I don't know who Dave and Ali are, but they have good taste in pillows. I had a friend in high school named Ali who was on the men's gymnastics team. Maybe this is for him. I hope he and Dave are very happy.

$135 Retro Gooseneck lamp with blue cord
I don't know what the best part of this lamp is:
the shape
the fun cord
the pattern inscribed on the base
the bendy neck

$58 Large ceramic serving pitcher
When my hippie mom and dad got married, all they "registered" for was pottery and houseplants. I bet they would have liked this.

$36 Felted Wool Whale Mittens
CUTE, warm, non-itchy (fleece-lined). Plus, do you see that it has whales on it????

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