Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Your search led you here

Like any narcissistic blogger, I look at my blog's stats all the time. I am especially interested in what search terms people use to get here.

Lots of them are standard merchandise that I happen to have pictures and descriptions of, some are questions about what goes with what, and some are very strange searches that should not have led to my blog at all and I am sad to have disappointed the people looking for things that I cannot provide.

In the spirit of giving back to those people, here are some items that should appeal to the errant wanderers who've mistakenly come here:

To the person searching "bunny underwear with tail men" I give you:
$27.50 Baby Bunny newborn outfit
Little soft fuzzy bunny baby. I like the floppy ear hat; you could make your kid wear that even without the rest of the outfit.

For the person who searched "50's style jeans" I give you:
$75 1950s light blue jeans
These high-waisted jeans are adjustable with three snaps at the waist.

For the person who searched "bear sweater" I give you:
$21.99 Phat Farm gray teddy bear sweater
Stripes at the waist are... uh... interesting. But the gray and black design is about as classy as you will get for a teddy bear sweater.

I hope those were more along the lines of what you wanted.

Do you guys think I should make this a regular feature?


  1. absolutely. bizarre searches fascinate me, and you interpret them in a fun way. :)

  2. Thanks! It was fun for me to do, so I think I'll keep it up.
    The only problem is that I think it will attract even more people with those faulty search terms!


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