Monday, September 5, 2011

Etsy Finds of the Day: Menswear

"Menswear" can be read as "men swear." Just FYI.

$36 Men's Vest (size 42)
I like the little points at the bottom and the 5 buttons. Dapper.

$72 Men's Hart, Schaffner, and Marx Tweed Suit (size 36/28)
Speaking of dapper, who wouldn't want to look like/go out with this guy?

$42 Brown leather perforated shoes (size 8.5)
Why don't they make shoes like these anymore? The color is so rich and the style is somewhere between business and street.

$35 Vintage black wingtip oxfords
Not too shiny or too worn.

$18 Falcon Crest Jacket (size M/L)
Most jackets on the market today are so boring! This one has a little bit of fun and color.

$17 Green Cardigan with white sports stripes (size S)
Cute and preppy and sporty. This would look good on a lady as well. It might be the thing that gets "borrowed" by your female friend for long periods of time.

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