Monday, September 19, 2011

Clear Acrylic Tipped Nails- Hot!

Check out this photo of a model wearing Candice Manacchio of CND's manicure at the Joy Cioci Spring 2012 fashion week show:

I haven't seen anything like that before! I think it's cool.

You can buy clear acrylic nails and create the look at home (or bring them to your salon and have them do it)
 $1.60 Lamour Clear Nail Tips (50 count bag)
I think these are meant to be bought in bulk, because you order by size and most people have several different sized nails. So you probably have to get at least 3 sizes (thumb, middle 3, pinky), but even so it is still really cheap.

$9.99 Clear tip nail set in box
This boxed set has a bunch of sizes if you just want one pack.

Youtube tutorial on application:

Tips on how to blend with your own nail while keeping them shiny and clear: Here

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