Thursday, September 22, 2011

Highlights from the Akris Fashion Show

I was lucky enough to be invited by my friend to the Akris Fall 2011 show, where I got to see models strut their stuff in the new designs.
There were a few items that really caught my eye and I'm still thinking about.

The ones I loved the most were the photo print clothes:

$2,990 Akris Wedding Tower Photo Print dress

$1,250 Akris Wedding Tower Print blouse

I thought this cape looked really luxurious and comfortable:
$4,880 Akris Cashmere cape

Many of the models wore cashmere/silk leggings which I really wanted. I felt them after the show and I could live in them. I'd have to, too, since they probably cost around 1K. I don't see them online though.

There were also really soft lamb jackets like this one:
$9,950 Akris Lamb skin jacket
I thought it would feel stiff like guinea pig fur, because the swirls made it look like that, but it was really soft.
See in this jacket hoe there are cutaways in the middle of the front? A lot of the Akris jackets in the show I saw had those. I don't like them,
I think they were trying to go for an edgy or deconstructed look, but to me it just ruined the nice lines of the clothes.

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