Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sales not to bother with

I posted about the Zadig et Voltaire sale, but it appears that the items aren't that great and that the deals are not as appealing as I thought they'd be. Cancel your trip!

Also, the Hermes sample sale is going on now, but the lines are insane and the pieces are still outrageously priced, so that's another to skip.

I went to the Props for Today sale, and didn't see any great deals. It was mostly furniture- couches, occasional chairs, office chairs, and some china. I was hoping to find a picture frame but they only had small ones at prices that were not that appealing. I am definitely sticking with the Film Biz Prop Shop in Gowanus instead. They have more small items and much better deals, which in my opinion makes up for the somewhat grimy feel of the place.

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