Friday, September 9, 2011

100% Cotton underwear

It's hard to find underwear that is not at least a little bit spandex or lycra or something else these days, as my friend Michelle pointed out.

But there are some 100% cotton options out there for purists, and there are even some that aren't crazy expensive or only for grandmas.

$24 for a pack of 3 American Apparel Baby  Rib underwear

Is 3 not enough for you?
You can also order this 7 pack:

$40 for a pack of 7 American Apparel Baby Rib underwear

If solid colors aren't your thing, try this:

$8.50 Gilly Hicks Jorie bikini

If you are looking for real quality, try Hanro's 100% cotton section (I am not showing pics because they are a little too nakey for me). Their bikinis are about $30 each.

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